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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Boosting The Body’s Immune System - Interferon

Boosting The Body's Immune System - Interferon


(NAPS) - The human body is constantly under attack from millions of microorganisms with which we share the planet, which is why it is important not to take your immune system for granted.

What can you do to help keep your immune system healthy and ready to shield your body from infection? To answer this question, Shaklee Corporation recently formed the Center for Immune Research, which offers these important tips...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

H5N1 Avian Influenza?

H5N1 Avian Influenza?
NutriFeron NutriFeron NutriFeron

"Scientists have long forecast the appearance of an influenza virus capable of infecting 40 percent of the world's human population and killing unimaginable numbers. Recently, a new strain, H5N1 avian influenza, has shown all the earmarks of becoming that disease. Until now, it has largely been confined to certain bird species, but that may be changing."

The above is a quote from an article on Avian Influenza. I just finished watching this show on PBS - a show called Wide Angle.

We need to be thinking about how to defend ourselves. View this video about natural interferon.
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For almost 50 years, Shaklee has offered families support for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Our nutrition products, based on state-of-the-art scientific research, provide the purest ingredients that have been proven to be safe and effective for generations of Shaklee families. Our household products ensure a safe, healthy home. And our unique opportunity provides a lifestyle that means more quality time with your family, and the income to enjoy it. Shaklee provides an alternative for moms and dads to spend more time with their kids without having to sacrifice their family income. These are the kinds of family values we can all agree on.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You Are Under ATTACK!!! - Shaklee

You Can't Afford To Let Your Guard Down!

Every day you breathe, eat, touch and share millions of dangerous microbes that infest your surroundings. Though invisible, these substances still pose an undeniable health threat.

But you are not defenseless. The body has built-in mechanisms designed to protect us whenever possible. Your immune system is the natural shield against the stresses and environmental factors we encounter every day. A complex network, the immune system provides many layers of defense.

Immune cells can activate a substance called interferon. Interferon is a natural substance produced by the body and has two important functions.

First, it signals neighboring cells and triggers their defense mechanisms. Second, interferon activates immune cells to perform their intended functions.

Interferon helps protect us from the daily exposure to pathogens and allergens. And as complex as the immune system may be, one thing is certain. The role of interferon is essential.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Help with Tsunamis Survivors

All of us at Shaklee are devastated by the disaster that began as an earthquake on Sunday and spread through a series of Tsunamis to cause the loss of what authorities say could exceed 100,000 lives in one of the world's worst natural disasters. Our hearts go out to all of the people who lost family members and to the communities around the world who have suffered so much tragedy. We are also very grateful that at this point, it does not appear that any member of our Shaklee Family in Malaysia has been lost.

It is the Shaklee way to do more than express our sympathy and condolences. We must help. And so we have organized a way for all of our Shaklee Members to provide much needed supplies to the victims of this disaster through our non-profit, charitable organization Shaklee Cares.

Shaklee Cares™, originally established in 1992 in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, which devastated parts of Florida, is a charitable organization dedicated to providing assistance to individuals, families and communities recovering from natural disasters. Since its inception in 1992, Shaklee Cares has donated more than $2.2 million in cash and products to those in need.

In order to help with this disaster, we have organized a special Shaklee Cares Relief Pack which contains those items the primary aid organizations told us will be most helpful. There is one price of $78.90 for the Shaklee Cares Relief Pack which you may count as a charitable donation. You will also receive 50 PV. The item number is (#81700) and you must order using this special item code (see below for details on ordering). Shaklee will take care of all shipping and handling costs. We have arranged to have the packs delivered through several well-respected charitable aid organizations to ensure the products get to the neediest recipients.

I have made the personal commitment to purchase 1000 packs and ask that each member of our Shaklee extended family consider donating at least one pack to help the people in the 11 countries who have suffered from this devastation. (Non members can also participate by purchasing a pack.) We have also set up a similar donation program for Shaklee employees to help. My hope is that we would be able to provide 2000 packs to the relief organizations before the end of the year!

You can immediately order the Shaklee Cares Relief Pack by calling 1-800-SHAKLEE any time during holiday and normal business hours. You may order as many Shaklee Cares Relief Packs as you like and if you order by 6 pm Pacific Standard Time on December 31, 2004, you will receive confirmation from Shaklee Cares of your donation for 2004 tax purposes. After December 31, 2004, your purchases will count as charitable donations in the 2005 calendar year.

I am very appreciative of all the members of our Shaklee family who have asked how they can help, and I thank you in advance for whatever you feel comfortable giving. As we enter the New Year, let us all remember how fortunate we are and how important the gift of health and life is to all of us.

Warm regards,

Roger Barnett
Chairman and CEO

P.S. Please be sure to forward this to all of your downline Members and to all your friends and family so they can help out as well.

To order Shaklee Cares Relief Pack call Shaklee Corporation at 1-800-742-5533 and ask to order item number #81700 - please give ZD01997 as the Shaklee ID #.

Chris & Lea Cockrell
Independant Shaklee Distributors
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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

TUMS vs. CALCIUM - Shaklee


One might think from watching TV commercials these days that people are drowning in a pool of stomach acid. Heartburn and indigestion drive many people to resort to over-the-counter antacids to relieve the symptoms. Despite the plethora of advertisements touting the benefits of various antacid preparations for "excess acid" and/or "acid indigestion", symptoms of indigestion are often caused by low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) rather than too much acid as is commonly thought. Hypochlorhydria is a very common problem with possible serious consequences.

Some of the telltale signs of low stomach acid include bloating, belching, or burning right after meals and a feeling that food just eaten is "sitting" in the stomach and not being digested. Burning and "heavy" feelings in the stomach after eating are hypochlorhydric symptoms and can mislead people into thinking that they have "acid indigestion" and that they need to use an antacid preparation. While hyperacidity, or too much acid, is a possibility (as in peptic ulcer), it is a remote one and taking an antacid is probably the worst thing to do!

HCL has many other functions in the digestion of food and the maintenance of good health. Without enough HCL food cannot be digested properly causing it to stay in the stomach for long periods of time fermenting. An antacid taken when the stomach is full of fermenting undigested food alkalizes the stomach contents (which reduces stomach acid even more) hindering proper digestion even more, ultimately leading to an even greater burning sensation. Chronic use of antacids makes an already underactive stomach even weaker which could potentiate further digestive complications such as: making the digestive tract too alkaline so that HCL can't kill off the many microbes that enter the stomach.

Gastric acid helps us absorb iron, calcium, B12, folic acid and zinc. With prolonged use of antacids, kidneys have to work overtime to excrete alkali, predisposing you to kidney stones and some types of urinary tract infections. Some brands of antacids contain aluminum which can lead to numerous health complications. Low HCL can lead to poor protein and mineral absorption.

Many diseases start in the mouth with what we eat, how we eat and why we eat. Frequent refined foods and stress both contribute to lowered stomach acid and the fermentation of undigested food. This creates organic acids, foreign to the body, to splash back up the esophagus, causing the burning sensation we know as heartburn. It is best to eat smaller, well-balanced nutritious meals and eat in a relaxed manner that gives your stomach a chance to digest properly. Chew your food well as chewing signals the stomach to begin producing digestive juices. Avoid fatty or greasy foods which take longer to digest as well as "problem" foods (such as spicy foods or coffee) if you find they upset your stomach. Good health depends on utilization of nutrients from wholesome food and this is closely tied to a healthy digestive system which, in turn, depends on maintaining stomach acidity.

Digestion is the first step in transforming food into living tissues of our bodies and into fuel to keep those tissues functioning. Antacid medications are BIG business. Huge advertising budgets are spent to convince us that indigestion is caused by too much stomach acid-and that alkalizing drugs are the solution. This approach does provide temporary relief, but it is more beneficial to corporate profits than it is to your health. WANT MORE TUMS??

Shaklee Calcium vs. Tums

Shaklee Calcium supplements and Tums are completely different products in design and purpose. Whereas we know our calcium products are clinically-tested and effective supplements, we cannot say how effective Tums would be as it is designed as an antacid only(even though it does contain calcium carbonate). Another point of difference is that Tums utilizes a single calcium source. Shaklee Calcium supplements contain a number of different calcium sources that are consistent with nature - there are a wide variety of calcium sources found in food. Hence, in terms of testing and bioavailability as a calcium supplement, we know nothing about Tums. However, with the variety of calcium sources and the clinical testing, Shaklee Calcium supplements are an excellent supplement. Also, Tums uses artificial ingredients, which is contrary to the Shaklee philosophy of offering products as natural as possible.
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